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Session Fee Information:

There is a one-time non-refundable enrollment fee of $30.00 per student.


Private Lesson Session Fee for half-hour weekly lessons: $207.00/session (9 weeks)


Session fee must be paid in full prior to student starting first lesson. A student is not considered registered at Songbird Studio Inc. until payment is made in full. Payment is non-refundable once date of first lesson of each session begins.  If a student's payment is not successfully processed, the Studio reserves the right to suspend and/or cancel lessons for the student, which may result in the student's lesson time being assigned to another student.


Payment is expected for all students enrolled at the beginning of each session, whether they attend lessons or not. Songbird Studio Inc. has a specific lesson time reserved for each student, thus payment must be made regardless of attendance. This includes illness, holidays, vacations, etc. Two-week notice is required for the discontinuation of lessons; this notice must be provided by email to


Students will be advised of the supplies/materials required for their lessons, and where they may purchase them. Most lesson books can be purchased directly through Songbird Studio Inc. for the exact price that the studio pays for these materials. Students are responsible for purchasing these materials and for bringing the appropriate materials to each lesson.

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