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Songbird Studio Newsletter

Good day, everyone!

It is near the end of our current session... it has gone by so quickly just as summer seems to be flashing before our eyes!

Our focus on "practicing how to practice" has gone very well. I am proud of all the Songbird Studio students. Thank you for being so open to new ideas and even creative ways to practice. This is an area of learning that will always exist and will be continually shown, taught, and practiced in all sorts of ways. It's been fun to see the progress made and the new ideas applied!

Here are some updates and things I'd love to share with everyone!

  • NEW STUDENTS: WELCOME to all new students that have started since our session began and all new students that will be joining us in our next session that begins the week of August 11th! We are thrilled that you have joined in on the fun of learning and creating music!

  • FUN APP: I wanted to share a great app with our piano students at Songbird Studio. It is called Flashnote and is a great and fun tool in learning to recognize notes on the grand staff. I love it!

  • RECITAL UPDATE: We have a date for our first annual Songbird Studio recital! It is scheduled for Saturday, October 5th @ 10am at the Lakeland Evangelical Free Church in Gurnee. I am thrilled to begin planning this event. I will most certainly be keeping everyone in the loop as to the details as necessary. Also, this date will be fast approaching and we will begin preparation for each students performance pieces starting this next session. More information to come!

  • SESSION 4: Session 4 begins the week of August 11th and will run through October 12th. Invoices for this next session will be sent by the end of this week. Payment is not due until your student's first lesson of the next session. Please give a proper 2-week notice if choosing to no longer continue in lessons at Songbird Studio as to allow that day/time to become available to others. (although I do hope all return!) :)

  • REMINDER: Summers are busy and that always means busy and erratic family schedules. But as school begins in the month ahead schedules usually get back into some sort of rhythm. With that in mind, please refer to our policy on missed/cancelled lessons from our student registration form. - No credits or refunds are issued for missed lessons for any reason. Permitted an advanced notice of at least 24 hours of a student's absence, and permitted the instructor's schedule will allow, Songbird Studio Inc. will do it’s best to schedule a make-up lesson. Please keep in mind that there are specific times reserved for each student each week, and it may not always be possible to schedule a make-up lesson. If for some reason a cancellation is necessary, please contact me at 224-456-7011(via text or voicemail) or email me at Thanks for your cooperation with this!

  • ANNIVERSARY: - this next session will mark the official one year anniversary of Songbird Studio's grand opening. MANY of you have been with Songbird for that entire year! - YAY! Let's keep making music together. :)

  • Last but not least.... THANK YOU! I truly love working with every single person and family that walks in the Songbird Studio door! I feel blessed to know each of you and especially fortunate to be sharing the love of music with all of you!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have... I'm happy to help!

I'm looking forward to this next session! Let the music play....

With joy,



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