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"The" Piano

“When you play, never mind who listens to you”. ~ Robert Schumann

I started playing the piano at the age of 6. Mind you, we didn’t actually have a piano. I mean to have a piano is quite the investment, don’t you think? I often compare it to families having to invest in buying a piece of furniture for their home. Not only is the cost usually something to strongly consider but also the very size of such an instrument is quite a feat in and of itself.

I’m not sure other instruments have that issue. For instance, take a flute or an oboe, even a guitar! Those are items easily tucked away if need be or nicely placed in an area of your home in which it would not disturb the every day going’s on. I guess a harp or maybe a drum set would cause similar disruption of space. And now more than ever, keyboards are a great option. Hmmmm… anyways, I am getting WAY off topic.

I started playing the piano at the age of 6 and since we did not have a piano, my piano teacher would meet me at our church (did I mention my dad was a minister? – we lived right smack dab on the church property. A whole other story in and of itself. Ha.) and I would have my lessons on the church piano. My teacher’s name was Mr. Luder. It makes me smile to even think of him. Another blog post at another time will be committed to Mr. Luder… just know that I have many, many, many happy and wonderful things to say about the man.

I LOVED piano lessons. I LOVED learning how to make sense of reading the notes in front of me by making my fingers press the key that belonged to each of them and then if I did it right it made a song! This, is where I truly fell in love with making music.

~ Do you play an instrument? Did you perhaps take lessons as a child? What did you play and for how long? Have you ever thought about continuing or maybe you do so even now as you are an adult? What did you love about it? Or, what did you not like about it (yikes)? Tell me! ♥ ~

I believe it was just shy of a year that my parents did finally decide that maybe this was something I would stick with (I think they guessed correctly ) and they rented a piano until it was purchased as our own. I still have it! It’s the one in my own home and I love more now than I did then. A lot of little fingers have played on it, as well as many memories of creating new music and sharing music with others. It is well worn and well loved to this day. Here it is:

With much joy!

~ Becky ♥ ~

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