The "First"

September 12, 2014

“Music to me is like breathing. I don’t get tired of breathing… I don’t get tired of music.” ~ Ray Charles

The first thing I ever spent my own money on was a cassette player. Remember those? Here… take a peek. It sorta looked like this.



Old, right? Ha. Oh, but I loved that thing. I remember my dad took me to Kmart and I looked into that glass case and pointed to the tape recorder and was SO excited when they pulled it out, rang it up, I gave them all my money and it was my very own. I also bought some really cool blank cassette tapes. Because not only could I listen to music on this player, but I could also record anything I wanted, too. Score!

I slept with that cassette player on my pillow every night. I guess it’s sorta like kids sleeping to their iPods and such nowadays. Right?   I also recorded my favorite two shows on TV at the time. The Muppet Show and The Mandrell Sisters. Hey… No laughing! Yes, I am old(er) and yes, those shows were AWESOME!

What were some of the cassette tapes I listened to at that time? Well, I thought you’d never ask    … I listened to BJ Thomas, Evie, Connie and Sheri, Dallas Holmes, (remember, my father was a minister) and some children’s tape that taught me my ABC’s backwards.

I had so much fun with that thing. It was constant…listening to music, recording myself making music, and recording others making music! I’m sure I drove my family crazy.

What did you listen to as a child? What comes to mind? Was it on cassette tapes like me or maybe 8-track or for some of you the iPod was your first gadget that opened up the plethora of music that is out there?

~ Becky ♥ ~

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