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Not Quite a Rock Star (yet)

“If you never try, you’ll never know.” ~ P!nk

I started guitar lessons!

This last Saturday I had my very first guitar lesson. Now, to be completely honest, I’ve had a guitar for almost 2 years and because of that I have pretty much considered myself to have “dabbled” in the arts of playing the guitar. I tried to teach myself but did not do so well with the whole taking time to actually “teach” myself. You know how it goes…. life just sort of takes over.

Well now I’m in a real lesson with a real teacher learning real guitar type things! It’s been YEARS since I’ve done anything like this. As many of you may already know, I teach private music lessons. It’s what I do! In fact, I own a music studio teachingpiano and voice lessons. But I think the last time I, myself, was in an actual lesson was just after I got out of college. I took some private vocal lessons out in Barrington, IL and that, my friends, was a very, very long time ago. I am now 43 years old… (yes, do the math)

I teach all ages at my studio and have a few adult students like myself. This new experience has especially brought them to mind. I wonder if they feel the same way I feel about starting something new at this stage in life? I wonder if they feel a little insecure about “getting it” or not? I wonder if they wonder how they will fit time in to practice? I wonder if they get as excited as I do about learning? (I hope so!)

I’m taking lessons from a gentleman by the name of Orlando Feliciano ( He’s super knowledgeable and fun. A great combo! His talent on the guitar is amazing. It makes me more excited to learn. He was very patient to show me some very necessary basics that I will have to know to start playing like a rock star. This week I’m learning the e minor and E major chords. But, Orlando said I can work ahead if I’d like… (oh yeah!)

Yesterday was the first day since Saturday I was able to take some time to practice. A few observations about this whole guitar playing thing:

  1. I now need to have shorter nails. (insert sad face)

  2. Pressing the guitar strings hurt.

  3. I’m not so well coordinated with my left hand.

  4. Not sure I’ll be able to play Christmas songs any time soon.

  5. I really, really love making music with my guitar (yes, we can still call it music even when we are just learning)!

Music is fun! I’m excited about this new little personal adventure even at age 43… I’ll keep you all posted on my journey to rock star status.

What about you?… What are some things you’d still like to try? It could be anything! A few things still on my list: play the harmonica, try pottery making, and go sky-diving (that’s just a few). You?

~ Becky ♥ ~

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