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“To most of society, music plays some sort of role in their life. Whether that role be major or less significant, no one can deny it has some sort of impact on them. Music can affect someone without them even realizing it. From somebody’s favorite songs on their iPod to the songs that play on commercials while watching TV, they will all affect a person in some way, shape, or form.”

My son wrote this for one of his research papers a couple of years ago. I could not have said it better myself. It summed up exactly what I, personally, feel to be true about music and the awesome power it has in each of our lives.

Billy Joel Healing Quote

I am a lover of music, passionately fueled by the undeniable connection and joy of music. Music is everywhere! And in my life, it always has been. You see, it’s sorta my “thing”. You know what I mean? Music is something that has just always been there from as far back as I can remember. It resonates in everything we do in some way or another. I love that! You see, I believe that just about everything, when it comes right down to it, can be connected to music. Whether it be a lyric, a memory from a tune long ago, a feeling, a concert, the first album you ever bought, etc… it’s all connected to our lives.

Making Life a Song was a blog I created to share in that connection and joy of music. And that is still what this blog is all about… music; simply for the pure joy and love of music and the connection it has to all our lives.

We will be sharing, weekly, about our experiences, thoughts, and insights all connected to

music.... You don’t have to be a musician or have had formal music lessons to love music. It’s just something that is innate. I LOVE that aspect of music! It's about loving and sharing music, in all it’s wonderful shapes and sizes.

With joy!

~ Becky ~

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