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2016 Recital "Prequel"

It's November! I feel like every time we head into a new month it prompts me to wonder where in the world the time has gone. It goes so quickly. But November at Songbird Studio is also a time when our students get the opportunity to share their talents and all that they've work so hard for by participating in our annual fall recital. Woo-hoo!

We have 31 performers this year! A great mix of voice and piano students, as well as ages and levels of learning. In fact, one of our students in a beautiful woman in her 60's that started piano lessons back in January of this year. It is something she had always wanted to do and finally felt she had the time to do so - now she is challenging herself by performing a song at our recital. I love that!

We also have a few beginner piano students that started lessons not even a month ago and they, too, have chosen to bravely show off all that they have learned thus far. On the other end of the spectrum, this year we have two students that are seniors and have been in lessons at Songbird Studio since the beginning. That means they were in Jr. High when they began. This will be their last recital with Songbird. Another of our voice students also write's songs and will be performing one of his originals while accompanying himself on the guitar.

I am so proud of everyone! The preparation involved started back in September. First the song selection then the regular practice of fine tuning their performances.

I love the opportunity to show off each individual - all so unique from one another. As a teacher, I have the opportunity and privilege to really get to know these students. For many of them I know their favorite foods, color, school classes, teachers, singers, etc... I love knowing these things. As I always tell them - they were made unique and to never be anything but themselves. All we can ever be is ourselves.

Yes, so much work and so much effort has gone into this day - but so very, very worth it! I'll look forward to sharing more about our exciting day post-recital. :D

Let the music play...


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