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"Upon us all a little rain must fall..." ~Led Zeppelin

Hello to you! This has been a crazy week, hasn't it? So much rain in such a short amount of time has created quite a bit of loss and clean up for many... including Songbird Studio.

For those of you who may not know me, I am Becky Cappelli, founder and owner of Songbird Studio. This last week, Wednesday, July 12th, we had an enormous amount of rain in which caused significant flooding in our area. This flooding did affect Songbird Studio. (sad face)

So many of you have reached out with kind and encouraging words and many offers to help. Thank you! It matters and it means so much. xo

If you have driven past Songbird Studio recently and seen all the changes, please know we ARE STILL in business. :D No worries!

In an effort to keep everyone on the same page as to the status of Songbird Studio... I thought perhaps a blog may be helpful! I'll plan to post here periodically to share what is happening as it happens.

Honestly, it's been tough to want to share much as it has been overwhelming. The loss has been significant. For those of you who know me well... I prefer to look at the "bright side" of things. It is just my natural bent, I guess. But this time around, finding the bright side has been a little tricky. But it's okay... because it WILL be okay. :D I am certain.

Here are a few pictures of the flooding:

Here's the scoop:

  • Please know that Songbird Studio WILL be back... no doubt!

  • We did need to have the studio "gutted" - all flooring, all drywall 6" up has been removed.

  • Pianos do seem to still be in working order. YAY!

  • Songbird Studio is currently being "dried out" before re-construction can begin.

  • Timeline is a bit vague at this point as to when we will be able to be back at our location. The sooner the better!

  • As one of our instructors at Songbird Studio said, "If Songbird 1.0 was awesome I'm totally sure the Songbird 2.0 will be better and greater than before." (Awe - thanks!)

I have always loved the saying "When words fail, music speaks". It is so accurate.

So, as one of our fave lyrics from our wall of words at Songbird Studio says...

Love to each of you and I look forward to staying in touch with more news in the days ahead! - Keep in touch. We love your love. <3

With joy,

~Becky Cappelli

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