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"But I keep cruisin'... can't stop, won't stop moving..." ~ Taylor Swift

I am SO HAPPY to share with everyone that things are MOVING FORWARD at Songbird Studio!!!

This week, we began the reconstruction of the interior of Songbird Studio... Wall repair, re-painting, trim, and all new flooring.

It has felt so good to see these wonderful construction vans in our parking lot... things are progressing! If you drive by you will actually see motion and movement at the studio... yay!


It is our "hope" that lessons could very well begin again sometime during the week of August 4th. This would be the start of our next new session! Myself and each of our instructors will be in touch with all of you to give you further details as we know more on the exact timeline to re-open.


Thank you for your continued words of encouragement, support, much needed humor, and love. It matters greatly!

Just yesterday I received a message from a sweet, sweet friend whom recently moved away. She was updating me on their move, as well as asking about the flood and such. In her message she shared this thought with me...

"I never want to give up on doing hard things just because they're hard. Life is just as much about the 'getting through it' as it is the mountain top highs."

I adore these words (and this friend...) I am so spoiled and very blessed to have people, such as my sweet friend (and each of you), to remind me of this absolute truth! <3

I can't wait to see each of your faces - I've missed all of you very much. But, I do hope you've enjoyed your summer days!

I'll be in touch again very soon...

With joy,

~ Becky, xo ~

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