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"Here comes the sun... and I say, it's all right." ~ The Beatles

And.... Songbird Studio is ready to roll - YAY!!!!

We will be back to our normal lesson schedule beginning Monday, August 7th. :D

We are currently in the process of moving in and getting things set up for all of our amazing Songbird Studio students. I think each of you will find things haven't changed too much but there will be a few things that look a little different.

This journey has been surreal to say the least. It is fascinating just how overpowering and damaging water can be. Thankfully we were able to salvage quite a bit yet did lose many things in this process. But... all is well and we are able to function "as usual" with or without.

It was this exact time last year that we were doing the exact same things (drywall, painting, laying carpet, moving, etc..). I hope this doesn't become a yearly occurrence...eek!

Thank you for your continued patience and all your love and support. <3

We, at Songbird Studio, have missed our students and can't wait to see all of your faces and to begin making music together again. This is what we do best!

With much joy,

~ Becky ~

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