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"Take a sad song and make it better..." ~ the Beatles

We re-opened our doors at Songbird Studio last week... and it felt so good!

After what seemed way too long of time, we were able to re-invite our students and their families back to Songbird to begin creating music again.

We are so thankful for everyone who took time to make sure we were able to re-open so quickly.

Although much was lost in the flood there were MANY things that still remain and now the studio looks fresh and new and ready for business.

The day before opening, as we were adding the finishing touches, our newest addition came along to help. Her name is Jovi (yes, after Bon Jovi... ) and it seems she fits right in! :D

We are so thankful to be back... we missed everyone! Stay in touch for further fun and new opportunities ahead at Songbird Studio.

Have a beautiful day!

With joy,

~ Becky ~ <3

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