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My Gift is My Song... (literally)

I just recently celebrated my birthday.... my 46th birthday! And, anyone that knows me well, knows that I LOVE my birthday. Actually, I love everyone's birthday - I love celebrating LIFE! <3

On my birthday, I was given a gift. In my opinion, probably the best gift that could ever be given to someone besides "time".

I was given a song!

You see, my sweet friend (who is, honestly, more like a sister than anything), we met a couple years back as she also takes voice lessons at Songbird Studio.

- she is a songwriter. And, she wrote ME a song. She had it produced by our good friend, Eddie Torres and released on iTunes on my birthday!

Come on - it doesn't get any better, right?!

This song is called Home (The Sister Song) - it's a song about our friendship. I'm telling you, my eyes were like a waterfall... they wouldn't quit. It was amazing.

~ I'll be sharing the link for you to hear at the bottom of this post ~

Music is a gift. A beautiful, very personal, and precious gift. Music communicates. It puts

words and sound to our emotions and thoughts and feelings. All sorts of emotions, thoughts, and feelings, right? Some are joyful and bright, others... not so much. Either way, it communicates.

Music can also be very personal. We've heard it said, "when someone asks you to listen to a song, it's because the lyrics mean everything you're trying to say" or "my playlists are one of the most intimate things I could share with you".

Friendship is also a gift. I have been blessed with some amazing friends... beyond what I deserve.

I'm excited to share this song with you! :D

Here it is ... my gift from my friend Kristen Clack.

(thank you, Kristen. xo)

Home (The Sister Song): by Kristen Clack

With joy,

~Becky xo

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