Sharing the Gift of Music

As the leaves turn amazing colors during the autumn season, I notice the color changes are different each year. They are more vibrant or subdued due to the abundance of water or drought throughout. In our music, with the sounds as vivid as the fall colors, I’ve discovered that the brilliance depends on how much we share our gifts with others. Sharing our musical selves with others holds the key.

Here’s an example from my life. As a librarian and writer, I find when I tell others I’m a musician as well, folks are often surprised to discover I play jazz trombone, piano and ukulele. Sharing my musical life often seemed to me a bit like bragging, but I have found that’s not the case. If I share the gift of music in any form, I also share the joy of it. This is the number one responsibility of a musician. For me, I invite co-workers to play ukulele with me during lunch. As a music teacher, I give extra points for “audience” participation, while as a trombonist, I play for free at churches, nursing homes, and other places. I’m a tad shy on piano, so I occasionally play duets as my “gift.”

This gift of music has never been meant as a solo event. It has ever been a community activity, meant to bring joy to everyone present while connecting them from heart to soul.

So how do you share your gift of music? Send us a message and let us know.

I’d like to invite you to a Songbird Studio Ukulele Circle during this coming spring, sharing the love of music together. We’ll have extra drums and shakers for you to use. Stay tuned for more details... I’m looking forward to playing together. I’ll even give you audience participation points! :D


Tracey Nielsen is an instructor at Songbird Studio but also a very gifted writer. Tracey interviews ordinary folks with extraordinary adventures on her blog (Look and Be).

Check it out here:

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