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Sunday, November 12th we held our fifth annual fall recital for our Songbird Studio students... we are so proud!

This year we ended up having over 55 students performing. WOW, right? Trust me, this felt like a good "problem" to have... we chose to hold two recitals. Over 300 people attended!

Our Songbird students were amazing. For some, this was their very first time singing or playing in front of an audience. And for others, it was one of many recitals or performances they've done over the years. Either way, everyone was a star - proudly showing off all their hard-work!


Our day started by 1pm moving a piano, setting up sound equipment (thank you, Ken Cozza), getting the cookie table ready (a fave of the students), and preparing the venue for the hundreds attending. Katie, Denise, and myself were excited but had our own set of nerves to battle just like the students. We so badly wanted it all to go smoothly for our Songbird families.

By 1:45 pm everyone started arriving. Oh, the excitement! Many, many parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, and friends were ready to see their special student perform. And as for the students, they were NERVOUS... so very nervous. This is where we as teachers were happy to talk to each of them and remind them of just how hard they worked and proud everyone was of them already.

We started our first recital by 2 pm. With about 30 performs, it lasted about an hour and

40 minutes. Both recitals were a great mix of singers, piano players, all ages, young and old, all levels, beginner to advanced... all so very valuable and all so very unique. We encourage our Songbird students to boldly be exactly who they are... we are each unique. We each hold great value and have the ability to impact others with who we are, no matter what talent we hold. At Songbird Studio, it's through music. <3

Just as the first recital ended at 3:40 pm (ish), the next flood of performers and their guests were already arriving - it was a whirlwind and it was awesome! We started our next recital by 4 pm.

As our day ended, there were many smiles, proud parents, proud performers, and lots of cookies were enjoyed. As for us teachers, we had hearts that were full of pride for our students. Yes, pretty exhausted, too... but worth it. <3


Thank you to everyone who contributed in making the Songbird Studio recitals so special for our students. Especially our mom's and dad's and families that invest of their time and resources to have their kids in lessons at Songbird Studio. I mentioned it briefly at the recital, but your contribution to this area of your child's life matters. Your attention to their interests and talents... it matters. Thank you! <3

Have a beautiful week!

With joy,

~ Becky ~

(NOTE: Please feel free to share any photos you may have from our student's recital. We would love to see! You can email them to:


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