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About Us

Songbird Studio is a place where students of all ages and skill levels, with any variety of musical interests can come to learn and create, and have fun while they’re doing it! A place where students can learn not only the technical aspects of how to play or sing, but also to express themselves through music, to reach their unique personal musical goals, and to foster a lifelong love and appreciation for music. – the JOY of making and learning music!

Owner & Instructor, Becky Cappelli


I have studied music since childhood and have taught it for several years.  I credit my own teachers with helping me realize the joy of learning and creating music.  My experience includes music theory, ear training, vocal performance, as well as praise and worship.  As I approach each student, whether an adult or a child, I am always encouraging and patient.  While supporting them, I enjoy helping people discover that music can be incredibly creative, expressive, and help them to overcome any notions that music is complicated or intimidating.

All ages and skill levels are welcomed. I am sensitive to the diverse needs of each student and strive to tailor each lesson plan for each of my student’s needs with an emphasis on personal growth. My hope is that each individual feels valued, encouraged, and continually gains confidence in their talent. I believe that consistency is key in the study of music and the development in becoming the musician or artist each individual desires. I have a deep passion for music and strive to pass that along to my students.

Our Instructors

Would you like to learn more?

If Songbird Studio sounds like a place where you could connect, we would love to hear from you! Just call or email and we’d be happy to help you with any questions you have regarding lessons.

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